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I am happy to announce that Jim Otteson and I have just signed a contract with Routledge to work on Should Wealth Be Redistributed?: A Debate. The book will be a part of a new series, Little Debates about Big Questions, in which scholars engage in accessible debates about important questions in a series of essays.

Those of you who know my work and Jim’s work will not be surprised to note that I will be arguing “Yes” and he will be arguing “No.” Jim is a philosopher at Wake Forest University with an established record of scholarly work about Adam Smith, business ethics, and economics. I am very happy to be working with him on this book because I know he will do a great job.

The timeline for this project gives us some time to do careful work. We will be writing and getting feedback for the next year or two, with the final manuscript due in early 2021. Before then I will be doing a lot of reading and thinking about inequality and justice, so expect a steady stream of related content from me.

If you have an irrational need to buy a book with my name on it earlier, Digital Life Together: The Challenge of Technology for Christian Schools will be coming out soon, and you can trust me (and Eerdmans) to advertise it thoroughly.

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