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Impossible Meat Explosion

A number of restaurants have recently adopted some new plant-based meat alternatives on their menus. The biggest one yet is the introduction of the "Impossible Whopper," a burger king experiment in which their classic whopper beef patty was replaced with the Impossible Burger, starting in…
April 1, 2019

Against Inefficacy Objections

Against Inefficacy Objections: The Real Economic Impact of Individual Consumer Choices on Animal Agriculture Coauthored with Matthew Halteman, Calvin College Published in Food Ethics. Preliminary Draft Abstract When consumers choose to abstain from purchasing meat, they face some uncertainty about whether their decisions will have…
August 23, 2017

Is Capitalism to Blame? Animal Lives in the Marketplace

Journal of Animal Ethics. 2015. 5(2): 126-134. Pre-publication version   First delivered as a lecture at the 2014 Wake-up Weekend in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Abstract: Increasing efficient production of commercial animal products has resulted in decreased quality of life and shorter life-spans for the animals…
September 1, 2014